Distance education – A Sin In Bangladesh

From very early formative years of mine i have recognised that knowledge is electricity. i’ve study approximately many students’ existence in which their understanding obtaining manner become pretty one of a kind, in truth knowledge become the priority and nothing else. nowadays there’s a fashion of gaining know-how by way of no longer attending faculty bodily. In easy wondering this is ideal whilst attending college is difficult because of a few cause. however the situation we face in countries like Bangladesh shows the other. the subsequent tale will make clear all, I trust, -it’s far a story of a boy residing in Bangladesh. He became a great student from a center class circle of relatives. He studied till the crowning glory of his graduate degree with the assist from his circle of relatives. In Bangladesh there isn’t always an awful lot scope to work parallel to the studies. nevertheless he labored tough to earn some money for his own family during his training. In truth he became very worrying for his family, especially the parents. He sacrificed the various opportunities for schooling and earning because they would compel him to move far from domestic that would go away his dad and mom by myself and helpless.He had a totally eager hobby for earning appropriate fine information through training. but in Bangladesh schooling is instead certificates oriented. Plus if one desires to study in some expert fashion after the graduate degree, he should engage himself fully with training leaving any incomes scope at the back of. though there are some students right here who paintings parallel to postgraduate schooling, they leave their circle of relatives at the back of and still do not earn understanding properly; even the examinations for certificate gaining, the principle motto for lots here, are also postponed daily.So my hero (?!) couldn’t continue for submit graduate training in his u . s . a .. He did no longer even have the money to tour up to the university, let alone paying the admission fees and fees for widespread books. instead he searched for a activity for the preservation of his own family and additionally important treatments of his mother and father like eye surgery. but he by no means stop his struggle for information. As Bangladeshi institution had little or no scope for scholarship, he began to look for scholarship, that is, complete unfastened studentship. He did not need to depart his us of a due to the fact that might price him the amount of cash this is an excessive amount of beyond his potential and additionally he would must depart his helpless mother and father on my own. together with his sturdy desire he controlled such a lot of distance training possibility fully free of cost that he reached the best degree of training. Parallel to this he may want to earn and maintain his family, even though that became very hard for him to hold the standard of information.but whilst he started to examine with the aid of distance studying mode, his buddies, and related human beings disbelieved him. They took him as a completely immature man or woman and counseled him not to waste time after nugatory things. As he did now not leave the education, they started out making fun of him, and finally they took him as a cheater who is mendacity inside the name of latest matters. He were given extreme disappointment from them for his success in acquiring know-how in vicinity of any congratulation or applauds. but he by no means stopped. He knew that he must be a sensible guy and also hold his family properly.however the largest blow got here from his expert brethren. The institute, where he did his job, had some employee with higher schooling via on-campus training. First they were expressionless approximately him, but once they noticed his name and photo at the country wide news papers for his successes and contribution, they have become very irritated, and that they warned him towards dishonest and reminded him of the results of dishonest, even though my hero changed into in no way mendacity or dishonest. finally when he began to keep away from any publicity and concentrated in non-public training and improvement, willingly many of his co-employees insulted him bringing up that he has no qualification to hold such pastime for himself. They counseled him how to research and who can study.Parallel to a majority of these, his u . s .’s government in no way diagnosed his degrees and schooling and he stopped letting others understand approximately what he did by using distance training. He erased his distance education levels from his travelling card and when someone asks approximately his educational qualification he handiest mentions up to his bachelor diploma training. but he never stopped his paintings for schooling and gaining knowledge of. can be .01% of his surrounding people endorsed him for his attempt, however that changed into invisible within the crowd to insults, though he constantly recollects and admits the benefits of these scanty helps.That became the entire instance. The individual I pointed out needed to disguise his name and advent to avoid further harassment, though he may be dealing with the equal for countless time frame. but what’s your opinion? Is distance education a sin? I believe it’s far as a minimum a sin, almost, in Bangladesh.A joke: Did you already know Bangladeshi’s are very tons fond of British regular and advanced degree certification? also did that Bangladesh has an Open college? How humorous, isn’t it!